Kanehsatake CrossFit – CrossFit

Warm-up (No Measure)

2min of skipping

…30s rest before the amrap


10 Sumo Deadlifts *you can slowly increase the load or keep one for the entirey of the warmup*

10 Side Plank Hip Thrusts per side

10 Situps

Metcon (Weight)


1RM Power Jerk *Must move you feet for this movement*

*If you accidentally press out the bar…make sure to redo the rep before going heavier. Catching it locked out is one of the few things that really differentiates a power jerk from a push press*

*Take your time warming up*

Metcon (Time)



Hand Release Pushups RX=Plank position during the exercise *Toes remain on the ground and the Hips do not sag below the upper body*

Squat Jumps


1000m or 1200m Row

-16min Cap or you’re more than welcome to use extra time to finish:D

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