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Here's a few questions we hear a lot

As lifestyle and health professionals, we think it’s important to provide good and free information to anyone looking to improve their health. Here’s a few questions we hear a lot that we hope can answer you as well.

Can I try a free class?

Yes, you can! And not only that, you absolutely should! And to help you feel more comfortable in the process, you can either choose to walk in before a class and ask to participate, or book an appointment with someone to give you a guided tour - whatever makes you more comfortable!

How do I start working out?

First of all, you rock for already taking the first step and asking, so kudos to you! Integrating working out in your life can be complicated and, even the promise of 20-minute intensive workouts are hard to stick to. Working out starts by bolting on basic fitness to everything you already do. Check our Blog for more information.

Do you have open gym hours?

We absolutely do! They vary day by day given the high quantity of group classes we offer, but you can find more information on those schedules by clicking here.

Are group classes included?

They absolutely are! Our focus is to not only offer you a wonderful place to workout, we also want to surround you with the people who will care about your success and hold you accountable to it.

Is CrossFit right for me?

CrossFit can be a very high intensity discipline and isn't necessarily for everyone - But there's introductory practices such as our functional fitness class that are for everyone and are a solid foundation for CrossFit.

Do I need to be in shape to start CrossFit?

As mentioned before, CrossFit can be a high-intensity discipline and anyone could greatly benefit from the introductory classes in the same area. You don't need to be in shape to start CrossFit, but you should choose the discipline that's best suited to you and most likely to give you success. We'll help you with that.

I feel a little anxious going to the Gym, what can I do about that?

Please, know that you're not alone in this at all. Kanehsatake CrossFit was founded in hopes to make the Gym less intimidating and more a place of safety and approval. If you're feeling nervous about your first visit, you can book an observation session before booking your free class. We'll introduce you to the right people that'll help you feel welcomed - Because you more than are.


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