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Specially vetted for the quality and care they put into tailoring plans just for YOU. No “one-size-fits-all” here, by signing up with one of our trainers, you give yourself the best chance of success that’s made to fit YOUR specific needs and expectations.

simon-pier dubois


Simon-Pier offers the kind of treatments and programs that aim to make you comfortable in your body again. As a Certified Kinesiologist, the expertise and insight he brings to workouts is focused on form and better range of motion; Perfect for any level of fitness.

Jadyn Lauder

Certified CrossFit Coach

A member since our opening in 2017 and a trainer since 2018, Jadyn is the person who brings the right energy to every workout. As a Certified Level 2 CrossFit Coach, she has the knowledge to help you make the best out of your CrossFit experience.

mathieu simon

Certified CrossFit Coach

Certified Level 1 CrossFit Coach, Mat might look reserved at first but everyone absolutely loves the positive and fun energy that he brings to any workout. Always ready to share a laugh, he’s also one of the best people to have around if you want to stick to your goals.

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